To The Women Of Libya

A message of love

Girl in Sports Apparel
Stop your men and boys from building weapons and bombs.
You are the beginning of love in a man's life.
Give as much love as you can.
Stand up and be a female leader, a leader of love,

A Leaderess. A Lioness.

Only light can make the darkness disappear.
The fight against darkness will not be won with the use of more darkness.

Your men need your love.

Your men need their women to stand up in calmness while the men still shoot, fight, destroy and are being brutal.
Only after they feel more love can the men begin with building other things than bombs and weapons.

More weapons and more wars are not the answer to today's problems.


The answer is a hug, a kiss, forgiveness (no matter how hard this is) from you.

Forgive your sons, your men and their enemies.
They have destroyed lives and they have killed people
but killing them in return is of no use.
Be a leader. Be a Leaderess.
Lead the path to peaceful forgiveness before we all end in hell.
Paths that have not been used before are hard to walk upon
as they are still rough. 
Your walk will be difficult but to forgive is the only right thing to do.
The whole world will thank you for it.
May you stay strong in these times of crisis.