Reasons For The International Introduction Of The Cloud Law

They say that money makes the world go round.

This is an article to explain the importance of emotions in the understanding of value, and in the happening of events.

Experiment 1:

When older persons are very stressed, people tell them to calm down because the stress causes the insuline-levels inside of their body to spike up.

A person might be helped because they have the money to go to a good doctor, but if they don't have the consciousness to change their inner state of mind and experience, and thereby also their emotions, a person might still die of a heartattack no matter how much money they have.

2. A broken heart cannot be cured with money, it can be cured with love and new joy.

3. When you hang out with a nice person for a long time it can feel like a minute, when you sit on a hot stove it can feel like hours.
A good time doesn't have to cost money.

4. Something caused me to be fundamentally sad and I didn't have my period of 2 years plus as a result.

Mother nature seems to send such a message to women who are sad.
What I described was a common phenomenon that women suffered from after the end of World War 2 due to severe sadness.

At some point I was able to accept my reality and deal with it. I still chose to be happy, despite of the negative things, and now I am expecting a child.


They say that time is relative, but it is the perception of time that is relative.
Time is measured in intervals of minutes, hours, years and so on. It is the same with money.

Money is exchanged in intervals (Cents, Euros, Pennies, Dollars, Bitcoin and other currencies) we have created systems and markets to connect the intervals of money we exchange to value.

In this article I vouch for the introduction of a novel philosophy resulting from the above that can and should be legally implemented, preferably in a treaty of the United Nations such as the Charta of Human Rights.

You see, in the 1920's, Albert Einstein wrote about the theory of special relativity.

Essentially, he said that every person everywhere on earth experiences time and value in their own relative way.

"Emovere" is the root of the word "Emotion" in Latin. "Emovere" means "To Move".

Emotions move the way we, relatively, live and experience reality.

For the purpose of international understanding everywhere, I deem it to be very important that the right of all people and of each person to feel what they feel, to perceive time as they want, and value, to be named, protected and respected.

This right to one's own relativity is called "The Cloud Law" - it is inspired by the clouds in the sky as they are everywhere on earth. They move and change as they please.

Humans all have a heart. If this heart is emotionally broken, any experience has lost value.

The Cloud Law thus recognises that there is not only one form of joy, of value, of culture that is right, or of mindset that must be followed.

The Cloud Law states that all of us were always right and will always be right in our own relative terms.

In my opinion, violence happens anyway on earth and yes, if in one's relative perception it is rightful to harm another, a boundary is overstepped.

The right to the relative perception of value of a person doesn't give them the right to impose anything at all on another person as this would harm the other person's relativity and is therefore to be labelled illegal.

By introducing the Cloud Law, we can give respect and value to the countless ways people on earth perceive and live reality.

We move away from thinking there is "one right way to live, or to do things".

Basically, if you like the way you live, and if it makes you happy, nobody should be allowed to mess with your joy unless you want them to.

To put the Cloud Law into action, we must all learn to respect and tolerate each other's differentness.

Written by Paula Edith Natascha Schwarz on the basis of and inspired by the special theory of relativity of Albert Einstein.